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AACAP leadership serves as a voice for the career education admissions in supporting the profession. To this end, members will receive relevant updates on higher education trends and issues impacting schools, colleges, universities, students and admission professionals.


AACAP is dedicated to the education and development of admission professionals working at post-secondary schools across the country. Training and educating admission staff at post-secondary institutions will increase the quality of the service schools provide prospective students and help students choose the right school for their education.

To achieve these training and education ends, AACAP offers a wide variety of professional development resources to its individual members and member organizations.

These educational resources include:

AACAP provides its members access to live and pre-recorded webinars covering an array of topics relevant to higher education and the admissions profession. Webinars provide information to expand knowledge and skill development.

Workshops & Conferences

AACAP offers regional and national workshops and conferences to expand learning networking opportunities for AACAP members and their organizations.


The AACAP electronic newsletter covers the latest news and trends in higher education, high school counseling and the college admissions profession. These newsletters are jam packed with valuable information and resources for members.

Admissions Leadership Development Academy

Stay tuned for more details on how to apply!

And more!

As the AACAP membership grows and new admissions innovations become available, the AACAP will seek to offer an increasing number of resources. Check back frequently for updates in the resources offered by the AACAP.

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Job Board

Welcome to the AACAP Job Board!

As a member of AACAP, you can post employment opportunities. You can also search jobs others post on the board if you are seeking employment.

The job board gives AACAP members the opportunity to engage with school partners and network.

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AACAP Listserv

AACAP also offers members the opportunity to be on an exclusive email list to receive AACAP updates. The Listserv also provides an easy way for members to communicate with each other. Members can reach out to the whole subscriber base for answers to questions, suggestions and announcements.

To sign up for the AACAP Listserv and to start sending and receiving messages, send a blank email to: 

The email must be sent from the email address that corresponds to your AACAP membership to be verified.

To unsubscribe, simply send an email from that same email address to   with in the body.

To send a mass message to the AACAP Listserv subscriber base, send an email with the contents to:

For more information or assistance with Job Board or Listserv, please contact a member of our staff at

AACAP Listserv

Professional Development

CHEP in Admissions

AACAP’s Professional Development Committee is in the process of creating an advanced credential for admissions professionals. This certification will include coursework, proven experience, examination and letters of recommendation amongst other criteria. One of the coursework options available to AACAP members is the Certified Higher Education Professional (CHEP) in Admissions Credential. AACAP endorses this option for members seeking to earn recognition for their achievements and begin work toward their AACAP certification.

AACAP’s Admissions Credentials Committee conducts an annual review of the CHEP in Admissions competency standards and training courses and makes recommendations for the enhancement of the certification.

CHEP Certified professionals receive a certificate and a digital badge to share and showcase their achievements. Participating institutions are provided with digital recognition seals to demonstrate and display their commitment to admissions excellence.

For more information about CHEP certification programs, visit