AACAP is comprised of professionals dedicated to advising students interested in career education including high school and college professionals.
About Us

In 2017, a group of high school guidance and college admission professionals saw a gap when it came to serving students of all ages interested in career and technical education.

College admission professionals and high school counselors were the primary sources of guidance for interested students and yet there weren’t shared best practices.

Additionally, the critical role of the college admissions professional lacked national recognition and meaningful certification.

So AACAP was born!

AACAP is a non-profit organization dedicated to upholding professional standards in the nationwide community of admissions professionals. Our membership is comprised of admissions professionals from non-profit colleges, for-profit colleges, private colleges, state colleges, high school career counselors, and more.

Our members benefit from participation in advancing admissions professional training, continuing education, networking, workshops, conferences and more.

Our community of like-minded individuals take enormous pride in serving students with the utmost standards of professionalism. The education landscape is evolving and changing rapidly. Admissions professionals need to work hard to stay abreast of best practices and education sector knowledge.

We welcome you to our proud community!

Today, AACAP seeks to provide proven best practices and recognition to admission and counseling professionals through national certification.
Our Mission
The mission of the Association for the Advancement of the College Admissions Profession (AACAP) is to serve admissions and counseling professionals seeking to implement compliant best practices within the highest ethical standards while servicing students interested in pursuing career and technical education.
Core Values
  • Leadership
  • Quality
  • Innovation & Change
  • Service
As a member of AACAP you join the ranks of high school and college admission professionals dedicated to serving students seeking higher education/training in career and technical education.

Individual Membership is only $99 annually and provides access to meaningful services and opportunities including training, guest speakers, annual events and an opportunity to earn your Certified Admissions Professional (CAP) designation.

Additional services and discounts are available to AACAP members through our partners at Career Education Colleges and Universities (CECU)


Those working in the field of college admissions serve a vital role in the advisement of students seeking higher education options.

Admission professionals are oftentimes the front line in meeting with prospective students and their families to provide information, guidance and counseling. They also serve a vital role in serving the goals of the institution.

Although there is no formal degree or training required to work in the college admissions profession, many working in the field have long sought recognition.

AACAP national certification provides a symbol of accomplishment to signify dedication to the knowledge, skills and standards of conduct required to be proficient in the field of college admissions.

As a member of AACAP, you can earn your national certification by successfully passing the national certification exam. Prep courses are also available*.

*Preparaton courses are encouraged but not required for the national certification exam.
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Once you become a member of AACAP, there are two options to take the exam:

• Option 1: If you’re ready to go, simply click here to join AACAP and receive information to take the exam.
• Option 2: If you’d like some prep prior to taking the exam, we offer two admissions training options and a regulatory/compliance course through our trusted partners

CHEP Certification Program

The Certified Higher Education Professional (CHEP) credential recognizes employees of career-oriented institutions who strive for excellence in their respective positions. The CHEP certification is awarded by Career Education Colleges and Universities (CECU) and the CHEP in Admissions is reviewed and endorsed by Association for the Advancement of the College Admissions Profession (AACAP). Participants can enroll in any course at any time to meet their individual training needs.

Completion of each course provides a digital badge and a certificate of completion with 4 hours of continuing education credit. To earn the CHEP certification in Admissions, participants must complete 12 courses from a select list with a minimum of 6 courses selected from the core training area. Upon completion of the CHEP certification in Admissions participants will be able to:

• Follow the Institution’s Policy and Procedures for the Admissions Process

• Demonstrate Compliant and Ethical Behavior
• Assist Students to Pursue their Educational and Career Goals
• Serve Special Needs of Students
• Demonstrate Student Focus Beyond Admissions
• Demonstrate Effective Communication Skills
• Demonstrate Effective Self-Management Skills

EnrollMatch Admissions Training (Foundational or Advanced)
EnrollMatch Admissions Training is an award-winning and legally endorsed program providing 35 on-demand learning modules and a manual (approximately 10 hours, other delivery options available). This program has stood the test of time by providing an updated framework in working with today’s student. Imagine being equipped to advise and empower prospective students to find the best programmatic, educational, and organizational fit. The philosophy is simple. Prospective students exhibit a “Want/Need” and while other training programs stop there, EM delves deeper to help prospective students and admission professionals alike discover what created the “Want/Need,” what will fight against change, and what needs to be managed for change to happen. The result? Better informed prospective students – Better informed admission professionals = Better student fit!
Regulations and Compliance Prep
Regulations and Compliance Course This course is designed to prepare individuals for the compliance and regulation segment of the Certified Admission Professional (CAP) credential exam offered through the Association for the Advancement of the College Admissions Profession (AACAP). Content includes key regulations and compliance standards for admission professionals facilitating the admissions process for students interested in pursuing career and technical education.
Board of Directors
AACAP is led by a group of individuals with extensive leadership experience in high school guidance and higher education.
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Career Education Colleges and Universities (CECU) is the national organization serving postsecondary career education schools, staff , and most importantly, our students! We are a voluntary membership organization that serves as the national voice for the for-profit higher education sector. Today, more than 600 campuses across the nation are represented through their school’s membership.

Our member schools provide skills-based education opportunities to nontraditional students, particularly veterans, working mothers, and parents, to help them open doors and secure employment in today’s workforce. These schools equip students with the career skills they need to succeed – from allied health and nursing, to mechanics, welding, culinary arts, cosmetology, truck driving, veterinary medicine and beyond!