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About Us

At a time where meaningful student outcomes in higher education are essential to the student, college/university, employers and the community at large, the Association for the Advancement of the College Admissions Profession (AACAP) fills a gap in professional development for admission and counseling professionals working in career education.

The tremendous growth in career and technical education occupations coupled with the shortage of counselors at the high school level create a need for greater collaboration amongst admission professionals, high school counselors and institutions serving students (of all ages) interested in career education.

AACAP serves a vital role in connecting, educating, training, developing and informing counseling and admission professionals working in career education in accordance with federal and state admissions related standards. This Association is essential to align standards of excellence, compliance and best practices with organizational practices to ultimately serve students to the highest degree.

We Serve …

AACAP is open to all high school and postsecondary educational institutions — for-profits and non — as well as the growing sector of education professionals determined to help students find the right academic homes for their needs.

Whom We Serve

The Association for the Advancement of the College Admissions Profession (AACAP) prides itself on the inclusive nature of its membership base. AACAP is open to all high schools and postsecondary educational institutions, for-profit and nonprofit. AACAP was founded to serve individuals who work in a variety of roles including administration, admissions, advising, counseling, student services and career services to at high schools, career and technical schools, junior colleges, community colleges, as well as colleges and universities across the nation.

In order to better serve prospective students, AACAP values the partnership with high school counselors to utilize their unique vantage point in working directly with students and families. Collaborating with these populations allows AACAP to help its member institutions and associates present students with the most meaningful and accurate information to make the best decision regarding their post-secondary educational choice and future career.

AACAP advocates for the prestige of the admissions profession, providing admissions professionals with a platform to come together and establish industry standards. AACAP aims to train and educate the individuals who work in the admissions offices at post-secondary schools across the country. Not only does relevant knowledge, experience and training improve the services rendered to prospective students, it also helps schools in their compliance with state and federal education regulations and accreditation guidelines.

AACAP offers individual members and employees of member institutions a wealth of resources to help increase the quality of the services they are providing. Some of these services include informational and educational webinars, conferences, training, credentialing, networking opportunities and member publications.

AACAP also seeks to provide high school counselors, community partners and students with the best information and practices to help potential post-secondary students make informed decision about their futures.

For more information about AACAP or to inquire about membership, please visit the Contact Us page to get in touch with a member of our staff.


The mission of the Association for the Advancement of the College Admissions Profession (AACAP) is to serve admission and counseling professionals seeking to implement compliant best practices within the highest ethical standards while servicing students interested in pursuing career or technical education.


The Association for the Advancement of the College Admissions Profession (AACAP) seeks to become the leading organization for admission and counseling professionals serving students pursuing career education.

Specifically AACAP seeks to:

  • unify individuals that work in the advisement of students in postsecondary education including high school counselors, guidance professionals, and admission professionals working in career, technical and vocational schools, along with community colleges, colleges and universities
  • serve to increase knowledge and skills among admission officers and counseling professionals
  • establish and grow leadership among those in the college counseling and the admissions profession who work in career, technical and vocational education
  • supplement the tremendous shortage of high school counselors by equipping post-secondary admission professionals with enhanced knowledge and skills that will assist prospective students
  • build meaningful collaboration amongst high schools and post-secondary higher education institutions

AACAP’s vision involves the establishment of state and regional bodies that operate under the mission and principles of AACAP. These regional chapters organize and execute events on behalf of AACAP in their respective geographical location.

The establishment of the state and regional chapters will make it easier for member schools and, just as importantly, prospective students in the area to interact and benefit from AACAP’s efforts. Making more students aware of a greater wealth of opportunities will help give them access to the necessary information to decide on their career and post-secondary education destination.

State and regional bodies will also present AACAP members with chances to serve in roles within the chapter and thrive in leadership opportunities


The purpose of the Association for the Advancement of the College Admissions Profession (AACAP) is one of educational and charitable purposes determined to foster ethical and social responsibility among members by means of abiding by and promoting standards of excellence and compliance.

AACAP fosters an environment to connect, enhance and engage the professional community dedicated to serving students interested in career and technical post-secondary education.


Build Trust

AACAP values building trust not only among admission officers who work at community colleges, universities and career training and technical schools, but also between those institutions and high school counseling professionals and the public. Establishing a set of ethical and professional standards for the admissions profession will help build that trust.

Provide Advocacy

One of the main functions of AACAP is advocating for those in the admissions profession by providing opportunities to recognize the value of the profession. AACAP will empower admission professionals to join together in establishing, promoting and enforcing standards of excellence.

These standards brought forth by AACAP will help trade and vocational school admission officers become better aligned with applicable regulations and accreditation guidelines.

AACAP is also an advocate for career and technical schools, community colleges and universities in their relationships with prospective students, high school counselors and communities across the country. Working with these populations will help provide students the resources they need to make an informed decision about the future of their post-secondary educations. This will benefit both the students and AACAP member schools.

Develop Leadership

AACAP aims to establish and grow leadership among those in the career counseling and college admissions profession. Members will be provided with formal and informal opportunities to enhance knowledge, experience and skills to instill confidence in accomplishing organizational goals.

Promote Integrity

AACAP seeks to create integrity among those working in the admissions profession. The establishment of AACAP and the training and educational resources it provides are designed to bridge the gaps and create uniformity among members.

Establishing approved, standard practices for those working in college admissions, advising, school counseling, student services and career services at community colleges, career training schools, private and public universities and technical schools will enhance the quality of service provided to prospective students.

To ensure members maintain a skill set and competency level necessary to provide stellar experiences for prospective students, AACAP offers training and certification. The certification recognizes members with credentials to signify their commitment and competence in the field of college admissions.


As an organization dedicated to the development of admission professionals serving students pursuing career education, AACAP has developed four core values to serve as the foundation for the organization’s work. At AACAP we strive to live the following values in all we do:


support talented professionals and create an inclusive culture of learning and coaching in the development of others


relentlessly pursue superior execution against key priorities and set high standards of performance within the guidelines of the Department of Education

Innovation and Change

drive innovation and change by continuously searching for new ways to assess and enhance the student experience through the admissions process


seek to understand student, parent and community needs and translate to higher education admission professionals and members