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Even More Good News For America’s Colleges

Traditions are usually good things. They wouldn’t have become traditions if they weren’t. But when times and circumstances change, sometimes it’s time for traditions to change with them. Take, for example, the traditional path to career success

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Growth of Career Education in the U.S.

There’s an interesting – some would say confounding – contradiction between the reality and perceptions many people have about career education. Study after study has shown that career education – or more appropriately termed, Career Technica

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Career Education Colleges and Universities (CECU) is the national organization serving postsecondary career education schools, staff , and most importantly, our students! We are a voluntary membership organization that serves as the national voice for the for-profit higher education sector. Today, more than 600 campuses across the nation are represented through their school’s membership.

Our member schools provide skills-based education opportunities to nontraditional students, particularly veterans, working mothers, and parents, to help them open doors and secure employment in today’s workforce. These schools equip students with the career skills they need to succeed – from allied health and nursing, to mechanics, welding, culinary arts, cosmetology, truck driving, veterinary medicine and beyond!